Claremont High School Academy

Admissions to the 6th form in 2021

Applications to join our 6th form closed in February 2021.  We offered conditional places to all students that were on track to meet the entry criteria for their chosen subjects based on their current predictions (flight path predictions).

Click here to access our online Admissions+ system.  

Click for our entry criteria and the option blocks for 2021.

Here are the key dates for the final stages of the admissions' process: 

12th August 

GCSE Results' Day 2021 

All students with conditional offers will receive an email at 10.30am telling them whether or not they have been successful in gaining a place in our 6th form 

Applications re-open for students that have met the entry criteria for their chosen courses (email applications to

8am on Monday 16th August 

Students that were successful in gaining a place have until this time to accept their offer through Admissions+ 

Students that did not meet the criteria and wish to change to courses that they meet the criteria for have until this time to make changes through Admissions+

31st August 

Deadline for new applicants to apply and for any admissions' queries to be sent to

1st September

Successful new applicants will be informed by email that they have a place in our 6th form 

2nd Sept - 9-11am only

Registration morning for new applicants, applicants with queries and students that did not attend Year 11 at Claremont  

Mon 6th Sept

Provisional date for first day of teaching for Year 12

All of these dates and events are subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is a conditional offer? 

All the offers we make for the sixth form are conditional on students achieving the entry requirements – both Average Point Score (APS) and subject specific grades – in this summer's GCSEs.  This means that we will only confirm places after the publication of GCSE grades in the summer.  

If I have not received a conditional offer, will I still be able to join Claremont's 6th form in the summer?

If you have not received a conditional offer, but meet the criteria after the publication of GCSEs this summer, you may still be able to join our 6th form.  However, this will depend on how many available places we have in the 6th form.  You can apply between Thursday 12th August and Tuesday 31st August by emailing  You will be contacted on 1st September if you have met the entry criteria and we have space.  

How has the cancellation of exams affected the 6th form admissions' process?

We will follow our usual process for admissions to the 6th form.  We will use the published GCSE grades to accept all those students that meet the overall entry criteria (APS) and the subject-specific entry criteria.  

Will you be offering all the subjects listed in the prospectus? 

No - we will not be offering French, German or Religious Studies in the academic year 2021-22.      

Where can I find further information about subjects?

Please click here for details of the subjects we offer at our 6th form, our entry criteria and to download our 2021 prospectus.  Please click here for the video resources from our 6th form Open Evening.

If you have any questions, please email: