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Art and Design



Claremont High School Academy's Art and Design department pride themselves on providing a stimulating learning environment which encourages discovery, engagement and challenge,resulting in students becoming more sustained and self directed learners. All students study Art and Design in year 7 and 8, and can opt to continue studying the subject in year 9. We also offer Art and Design at GCSE/AS/A Level (AQA).


Staff and Facilities:

The Art and Design department at Claremont High School Academy consists of three full-time Art and Design teachers, all of whom have a variety of specialist skills within the creative field.

The department is equip with many facilities which enable learning within Art and Design to be extended to a large number of creative pathways. Our computer suite is equip with industry standard software enabling more opportunity for 3D design and various digital arts. Our students have access to ceramics,textiles and traditional printmaking equipment. We are also equip with a fantastic dedicated 6th form studio, which gives the students the space and the opportunity to develop their skills and projects.


Programme of Study:

Here at Claremont High School Academy we offer the AQA Art and Design specification as its flexibility allows students to explore and gain knowledge of alternative creative working practices, whilst developing confidence and practical skills. There is a strong emphasis placed upon developing core technical skills as this acts as a foundation for all specialisms. In addition to the practical elements, students will also study the work of historical and contemporary makers through participation in gallery visits, workshops and the completion of independent research assignments.

The students are assessed against the following criteria (Please see the links below): 



GCSE Scheme of Assessment



A-Level Scheme of Assessment


Key Stage 3:

Our curriculum in Art and Design is taught through student centred activities to help establish the fundamental basics, as well as building upon students core technical skills in preparation for their GCSEs. Students explore a breadth of specialisms through extended projects, working in both 2D and 3D, developing skills in drawing, composition,colour theory ,contextual research and design generation.


Key Stage 4:

Art and Design at GCSE encourages students to become creative artists and designers through knowledge and understanding of culture,techniques, and contextual research. The course which is taught over 2 years introduces students to a line of artistic enquiry, in which they will develop a number of sustained projects which will help them to develop higher order thinking alongside technical skills. The course is assessed through external assignment and examination at the end of the second year.


Key Stage 5:

At Key stage 5 students will work on highly personalised projects, where they will explore imagery and ideas through a variety of traditional and contemporary media in response to a range of challenging topics designed to extend creative practice. As part of this 2 year course students will build a portfolio of personal work, which can be used to support their application for undergraduate, Art, Design, Craft, and Engineering programmes. Assessment is be carried out by external assignment and examination at the end of the second year. Further information regarding the course can be found via the links below:


Extra Curricular:

We offer the opportunity to take part in many trips in and around London as well as a trip abroad. These trips are an opportunity to see internationally acclaimed galleries and museums both locally and in other countries. Our trips have been enormously successful in previous years and give students a new perspective to bring back to the studio.The Sagrada- Familia was just one of the highlights of this years 6th form visit to Barcelona



Pupil Quote

“My experience at Claremont 6th form has been an excellent preparation for studying for my foundation at Kensington and Chelsea, I learnt to work independently and be able to discuss my work with others”


Rosemary Dery

Going to University in September to study Fine Art BA Hons




Photos from the Art trip to Paris