Claremont High School Academy


Recent letters and communications will be listed below

End and start of term arrangements December 2021

BFL Update Letter Jan 2021

Face Coverings Update Letter Nov 2020

Face Coverings Update Letter Oct 2020

Brent Flyer for Educational Psychologist

Parent Letter 14th September 2020

Return to School Letter to Parents Sept 2020

Letter to Parents July 2020

Year 10 Results Day Letter

Year 11 Results Day Letter


Spring Term 2020

Home Learning Timetable 

Partial Closure of the School 18th March 2020

Coronavirus Update Tuesday 17th March

Postponement of Year 12 Parents' Evening

Postponement of Year 9 Parents Evening 

Coronavirus Update 16th March 2020

Change of Date for INSET Day March 2020

Public Health England- Coronavirus Guidance Update March 2020

Coronavirus Letter Feb 2020

Uniform Letter Feb 2020


Autumn Term 2019

End of term arrangements Dec 2019

Year 10 Information Evening Letter

Year 11 Information Evening Letter


Summer Term 2019

Year 12 Deep Learning Day Letter

Year 12 UCAS exams 2019

Year 12 Letter Important information and dates

Spring Term 2019

A-Level and BTEC exam leave letter

UCAS Information Evening Letter

Year 13 Leavers Assembly Letter

Year 10 Parents Eve Letter Feb 2019

Year 10 Parents Evening Guide for booking appointments




Spring Term 2018

Year 12 Exam Timetable May 2018

Year 12 Exams Letter May 2018

Year 11 Exams Information and Masterclass Timetable

Year 13 Study Leave Letter

UCAS Information Evening Letter March 2018

Year 12 Parents Evening Letter March 2018

Extra-Curricular Timetable Feb 2018

Extra-Curricular Letter for Years 7, 8 and 9 Feb 2018

Year 12 Mock Exam Letter Feb 2018

Year 9 Parents Evening Letter Jan 2018



Autumn Term 2017

Year 13 Parents Evening Letter Nov 2017

Year 7-8 Robotics Letter Nov 2017

Year 12- Pearson's Teaching Award Letter

Go4Schools Information 13th October 2017

New Year 7 Parents Evening

Early School Closure Wednesday 20th September

Year 11 Information Evening Tuesday 19th September

PE Extra Curricular Activities


Summer Term 2017

Charity Day Monday 17th July

End of term and start of term arrangements 2017

All years USB ban from September

Year 10 - Google Cardboard letter

Year 7 Presentation Day 2017

Year 8 Presentation Day 2017

Year 9 Presentation Day 2017

Year 10 Presentation Day 2017

Year 12 June Examinations

Year 13 Study Leave May 2017

Year 11 Exam Letter April 2017

Year Eleven Timetable 17th-19th May 2017

End of year exams Year 10

End of year exams Year 9

End of year exams Year 7 & 8


SpringTerm 2017

End of Term & Beginning of Term Arrangements

Easter revision letter

CMAT - MAT confirmation letter to parents, March 2017

Mock Exam Timetable Y12

Mock Exam Timetable Y13

Mock Exam letter Year 12

Mock Exam letter Year 13

Sixth Form Exeats Reminder letter

Year 10 Work Experience letter

Year 10 Work Experience FAQ

SAM Learning letter to parents

Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 11 Parents Evening

Year 8 Micro bit letter

Year 9 'A Christmas Carol'

Years 7 & 8 Poetry Workshop

Year12 Parents' Evening letter


Autumn Term 2016

Year 11 Mock Exams November 2016

Year 7 Parent Information Evening Sept 16

Open Evening - Early Closure Letter

Year 9 Parent Information Evening

Year 11 English workshop letter for Parents

New Year 12 Parents' Consultation Evening letter

Instrumental Lessons letter

Year 10 Info Evening