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Claremont High School Academy


Head of Department:

Ms S Mepani

Mathematics forms the building blocks of everything around us and is prevalent everywhere in the modern world. It is much more than completing calculations and processes but is also about spotting patterns, solving problems, thinking creatively and team work.

Curriculum Intent

We aim to:

  • Help pupils realise that everyone can be successful in Maths
  • Develop pupils understanding of the fundamental concepts and knowledge required for success in mathematics in exams and in life after school.
  • Develop mathematical skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, reasoning and communication.
  • Help pupils to make links between mathematics and the real world.
  • Ensure pupils leave school with the numeracy skills needed to navigate the challenges of adult life, especially with respect to financial demands

At Claremont, the Mathematics department produce some outstanding results at all Key Stages, with one of the highest proportion of A and A* at GCSE out of all the departments.  It is one of the most popular A level subjects and students enjoy their lessons and many go on to develop their mathematics at Higher Education.

Curriculum Information

At Claremont we have a carefully designed curriculum to ensure we support pupils in their transition from primary school and then prepare them sufficiently for the start of their GCSE's and on to A Levels.

Pupils are regularly assessed and given feedback and support to help develop any areas of weakness.

In order to support pupils learning they are provided with a wealth of resources including MyMaths, MathsWatch, SparxMaths, ActiveLearn, online videos and a variety of other resources. 

Key Stage 3 Maths

Key Stage 4 Maths

Key Stage 5 Maths


  • Chess Club
  • Board Games Club
  • UKMT – Junior, Intermediate and Senior
  • UKMT – Team Challenge and Senior Team Challenge
  • Hans Woyda Competition
  • Maths Masterclass with The Royal Institution
  • STEM Lectures

Next Steps

What are the great benefits of studying Maths?

By studying Maths you develop analytical skills and an analytical attitude. You learn to pay attention to all the assumptions involved in a given problem or situation, and you learn to break down a complicated problem into a series of smaller steps.

Top reasons why you should study Maths:

  1. Excellent for your brain
  2. Better problem-solving skills
  3. Helps with almost every career
  4. Helps understand the world better
  5. It is a universal language

There are many careers linked to studying maths at a higher level. Here are a few:

  • Medicine
  • Stockbroker
  • Engineering
  • Meteorologist
  • Astronaut
  • Digital Games Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Architect
  • Economist