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The music department aims to develop students’ confidence, stimulate their musical interest and engagement in the subject. In music lessons, we highlight the importance of respect and resilience during our activities and provide regular opportunities for students to develop their musical skills, time management skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team. Students’ cultural awareness is developed continuously through the exploration of a wide range of different musical styles and experiences. All music lessons are catered to the specific needs of our pupils and curriculum planning is carefully considered across the different areas of teacher specialism.

Studies in Music are not only about developing performance, composition and appraising and analysis skills. Music lessons also develop important life skills and enriching students’ cultural capital and preparing students for their futures - whatever area of study or work they choose to pursue.

In recent years, the Music Department has achieved outstanding examination results. 

GCSE A*C (9-4) % A*A (7-9) %
2018 100 50
2019 100 58
2020 100 63
2020 100 75

 Music Recovery Curriculum (please see link below):



Staff and Facilities

There are three full-time music teachers. The department also employs a team of highly skilled instrumental teachers mainly from Brent Music Service which is located on site. We offer instrumental lessons on a very wide range of instruments and students who opt for music lessons are regularly entered for ABRSM or Trinity practical and theory examinations. 

The department has three classrooms, each of which is fully equipped with keyboards. We also use djembe drums, ukuleles and a samba kit as part of our curriculum lessons. The school is fortunate to have a music computer suite and a recording studio which allows students to compose and record their compositions using state of the art technology. 


Programme of Study

All students in Years 7 and 8 are taught Music in their form groups. In Year 9, Music becomes one of the school's early option choices, where lessons are delivered to smaller sized classes. Pupils are able to continue to study Music at GCSE and at A Level.

For more details regarding the programmes of study for each Key Stage, please click on the links below.

Music provision at CHSA broadens social experiences, allowing for cultural and emotional expression. It expands pupils' interests, making school more challenging and interesting and provides scope for engagement with the community. 


Extra Curricular Activities

An extensive range of extra-curricular groups take place. These groups enable students to work with other students across the year groups, dependant on musical ability, not age. 

Music extra-curricular activities have the potential to expand pupils’ self-confidence, friendship groups and time management skills. Pupils are given the chance to develop their leadership skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Please refer to the department's extra-curricular timetable for more details.

The department regularly runs trips to see musicals, operas and music concerts. The department also works in close collaboration with the Drama Department on both the Lower School Musical and the Annual School Production.