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Claremont High School Academy

A New Journey

Tuesday 5th September was an important date for three hundred children in Kenton – it marked their very first day at Claremont High School. The new Year 7s gathered in the hall to meet their new teachers and classmates and to start to get to know the school.

Prisha Bhudia, aged 11, came from nearby Mount Stewart Junior School and admits she felt nervous: ‘I was anxious and scared as it was a big school.’ She knew there would be new challenges ahead. ‘Making new friends, as I wouldn't know some of my classmates, and it’s a new journey for me.’ Andrei Vidan, also 11, came from near neighbour Uxendon Manor and experienced a mix of emotions on the first day: ‘I felt nervous and excited because I got to meet new people.’ There was certainly a lot to do. Not only were students introduced to their new form-tutors and other members of staff, they also had a tour of the school, an assembly outlining Claremont’s expectations and, finally, began to take part in lessons.

Year 7’s Pupil Progress Manager, Ms Patel, understands the challenges of moving from primary to secondary school, when suddenly you’re no longer the oldest students in your school, now you’re the youngest. Instead of having the same teacher and classroom all day, you have to move from one room and teacher to another. You also have to take responsibility for packing your bag each night, remembering all the right books, equipment and PE kit for the following day. Many children find it a little overwhelming at first, which is why Ms Patel and her team and all the staff at Claremont are on-hand to help. She’s clearly impressed with her new year group so far: ‘I’m immensely proud of the way Year 7 have started their journey with us, and I have high hopes they’ll continue to grow into independent and confident individuals and become much-valued members of our Claremont family.’
For Prisha and Andrei, the first few weeks have definitely been positive ones. ‘At Claremont, I like that people are talkative and like to speak with new people,’ says Andrei. Prisha agrees: ‘The thing I like most is how the teachers are kind and make the lessons fun and challenging to get the best out of me.’

The journey continues… We wish Prisha, Andrei and all the new Year 7s many more happy Claremont days ahead.