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Claremont High School Academy

Perseverance and a positive attitude

An inspirational talk from a football mover-and-shaker 

Businessman David Dein MBE is the former co-owner and Vice-Chairman of Arsenal Football Club, the former Vice-Chairman of the Football Association and was instrumental in the formation of the Premier League in the early 1990s. This made him the perfect guest speaker at a Year 13 Enrichment Session on Monday 4th December. 

His talk wasn’t just about football – there was something for everyone. While Mr Dein covered his background in business and the Premier League, he also focused on important qualities, such as behaviour, attitude, pride, courage and striving to be the best. 

Afterwards, he commented on how much he had enjoyed talking to the Year 13 students, complimenting them on being attentive and engaged and asking interesting questions. They were a real credit to the school, he said. The students particularly enjoyed the stories about his working life and the awards he’s won, his motivational quotes and jokes. They were able to ask him questions during a ‘Q&A’ session and then take photos with him. 

‘It was very interesting and I learnt a lot,’ said one student afterwards. 'It was probably the best enrichment we’ve ever had. Also, it wasn't directly school-related, which was a nice change. It still had educational values, though, of perseverance and a positive attitude.’