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Claremont High School Academy

The power of shared language

Claremont students find their voice 

The ability to speak with confidence and listen with care are key life skills that enable people to thrive both professionally and personally. Whatever work Claremont’s students ultimately aspire to, their chance of success will be greatly enhanced by being able to express themselves fully and listen to other people’s point of view. 

This is why the Year 8 and 9 Prefects were so fortunate to participate in oracy workshops led by the English-Speaking Union at the school on 18th January. In addition to supporting young people to build the speaking and listening skills they need for the future, the ESU membership brings together a community that values the power of shared language and global friendship. 

The prefects explored a variety of public-speaking skills, including the use of voice, body and emotion when communicating. They all took part in a speech-writing activity and had to pitch their ideas for a new theme park to a group of ‘VIP investors’. 

It clearly made a big impression on the participants. 

‘I think today’s workshop was an excellent experience,’ says Bayonnie Nation in 8.7, ‘learning how to speak publicly and listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.’ 

‘What I found interesting,’ reflects Kacper Mozgiel in 8.9, ‘were all the techniques the teacher shared with us, which made me feel braver and more successful in presenting.’ 

Here’s one group of students who’ve definitely found their voice!