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Student Voice Update : On-going Action!


In response to the feedback received from our whole school Student Voice questionnaire in September 2016, a new group of Student Voice Prefects was elected (one per College in each Year Group between Years 7 - 11). Sixth Form Student Voice Prefects, led by the Head Girl, guide their efforts, supported by the Lead Teacher for Student Voice. Replacing the School Council, Student Voice Prefects are responsible for communicating the views of our students to the staff body so that we can improve our school. They have been busy on a number of initiatives this year, including:

  • Student Voice Safe and Healthy Environment Project

Students across the school participated in an Anti-Litter Poster Competition to launch our Anti-Litter Campaign. Each Year Group decided how to raise awareness about our environment and money for new recycling bins for our school: Year 7 created costumes entirely out of recycled material for a fashion show, Year 8 masterminded an Eco-Bake Sale and a Girls’ Ping Pong competition, Year 9 planned an Eco-Party and Year 10 held a Staff vs Students Basketball tournament and challenging mathematical competitions such as how many ‘sweets in a jar’!

As well as reducing the amount of litter within school, this project has contributed to a reduction in the swooping seagulls on the playground, benefitting us and the local community. Over £300 has been raised already for new bins.

Student Voice also launched a petition to Brent Council for a lollipop lady on the Kenton Road crossing. As yet, there has been no response, but we will continue trying as the safety of our students is so important!

This Project has been entered into a national School Council Competition run by the Speaker of the House of Commons. Fingers crossed!

  • Helping smooth running of our school

Student Voice Prefects have put together and publicised a timetable of our 48 weekly extra-curricular activities, designed questions for, and participated in, prefect and staff interviews and reviewed the Prefect Contract and the Prefect Handbook. Teachers have asked also students for their feedback on Teaching & Learning and this will be extended next year as part of Student Voice.

To round off the year, Sixth Form Student Voice Prefects are currently conducting a whole school survey to evaluate what has been achieved this year and to plan the Student Voice strategy for next year.

If any student has ideas for Student Voice, please speak with a Student Voice Prefect who will raise them.

Please watch our anti-litter video below, created by Sixth Form Student Voice Prefects.

A huge thank you to all the Student Voice Prefects who dedicate their time to make our school even better!


Year 7 Student Voice Eco-Fashion Show