Claremont High School Academy


At Claremont High School Academy we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive school and this is embedded in everything we do. Our core visions and values are underpinned by the strong belief that every pupil can achieve their full potential and should be supported in doing so. We recognise that pupils are individuals and support is tailored to specific needs when necessary.


Our fortnightly Inclusions Board provides us with the opportunity for professionals to meet and discuss our inclusive practices on a regular basis to ensure that we are rigorous in our monitoring and support of some of our vulnerable pupils. Members of the Board:


Ms A.Toft, Acting Deputy Head Inclusion, PP Champion

Mr A. Page, SENDCO

Ms D.Conroy, Acting Deputy Head, Pastoral

Ms L.Carey, Head of EAL provision

Mr S.Yanmaz and Ms L Singh- Head of Key Stages

Ms E. Lancaster-Okoro, Pastoral Support Assistant


Please click on the below links to access more information about our Pupil Premium and SEND policies and procedures.


Pupil Premium: