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Claremont High School Academy

Year 10 Work Experience 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the School find a work placement for my child if they can't find their own?  

Yes - all pupils will complete a combined application and CV form on which they can state preferences for placements. Parent / Carers must sign this form before it is returned to school. ‘Work Experience Partners’ will then work with the School to help secure a suitable placement for your child and return a written job description with all the key details included. Despite every effort this return of information can take some time as employers may, at first, be unable to confirm their commitment to hosting for Work Experience so please bear this in mind. 

Is my child able to select their own work placement if they want to, however?  

Yes - this is encouraged. Please do start researching employers who offer work experience if you are keen on this option. This may include companies with which you have a relationship, possibly your own employer. Be prepared to be a little persistent if you don’t immediately receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from them!  An additional form is required for this type of placement (please note that your child must still submit the main combined application/CV form, too). Copies of this additional form are available in School and should be sent to / brought to the Employer or their representative so they can sign to show their commitment to hosting your child. These forms should then be returned to School for checking before being processed by WEX Partners. An own found or private placement cannot be processed until this form has been received.  

Is it true that my child can’t work in a hospital setting? I really want them to consider a Medical career so this doesn’t seem fair!   

Yes - the legal rules around this type of work setting mean that usually no one under the age of 18 can be given such a placement. There may be opportunities to work in related type areas such as at a Pharmacy or in an administrative role in a Dentist or Doctor’s Surgery, (very sought after!) or at a retail outlet, (charitable or otherwise), within the grounds of a Hospital but these sort of placements are the ‘closest’ the law allows at your child’s age.  

Can my child come to work with me?        

Yes - please seek appropriate permission from your employer / HR Department: the additional form referred to in Question 2, (above), will still have to be completed and returned to School.

Is this the only time my child can do Work Experience?  

No - your child can undertake Work Experience, which you may privately organise, during any School holiday, but there will not be another opportunity to undertake it as part of the Curriculum / term time during KS4. Please also note that some pupils are actually offered paid part time, Saturday work as a result of Work Experience so this may be something you wish to discuss with your child if the opportunity is offered. 


 Please do contact us if you have further questions.

We hope your child enjoys Work Experience and finds it most worthwhile: it is a key learning experience during their time in School and highly valuable.